2022 East Tennessee Championship Series


April 9 - 1st ETCS

May 7 - 2nd ETCS

June 21 - 3rd ETCS

July 9 - Summer Shootout

July 23 - 4th ETCS

August 20 - 5th ETCS

September 17 - 5th ETCS

September 24 - September Sizzler

October 1 - Burris SouthEast Tour


All unlisted dates, we'll have Regular Races!


You have to run 5 of the 6 Points Races to qualify for Prizes at the 2022 East Tennessee Championship Series Banquet. Run all 6 Point Races to qualify for Extra Floor Prizes.


(Lowest score or one missed race will be dropped - Run all 6 races and get 25 bonus points)


DQ - Last Place Points: light on the scales, fail or refuse tech, or lose an item on the track.


DQ - No Points: unsportsmanlike conduct with others or staff on the track, pits or Grandstands.


Tie Breaker: Class Champion is the Driver who wins the last race of the season.


Sub-driver for the 2022 Points Series permitted one time within good reason and must be pre-approved by Mike Hillard by phone call: 865-388-4030

Flatheads, Animals and Limited will run 2022 WKA Rules.


All Box Stock Clones motors will run AKRA or NKA Engine Rules (driver must specify at scales during qualifying).


RWYB will run UAS weight rule - Body rule applies to UAS or Sprint car rules 


If you have any questions on Tech or Safety, please contact the Tech Director, Tater Petty by phone call: 865-585-1331


All Classes must run a non-tread Burris Tires (any 33 series compound).


Champs can only run Burris 55's.


It takes 3 or more karts to make and/or continue a class in the Points Series!


Class Rules     Protest Rules     Class Running Order


Mike Hillard, his family, Tater Petty and the entire Track Staff would like to invite you to join us for the 2021 East Tennessee Championship Series at Ashway Speedway and any of our Regular races during the 2021 season, we promise to provide a fun, safe, competitive, fair and friendly racing facility that you can attend with your entire family every Saturday !


Race & Entry Fees:


$15 Pit Pass per Person, Kids 5 & Under Free 


$15 Regular Race Entry per Class Adults with 100% Pay Back in all Adult classes & $10 Regular Race Entry per Class Trophies for Kid classes.


$35 East Tennessee Championship Series Race Entry per Class, No Pay Out with all Entries going for Banquet Prizes for all Classes.


FREE Entry into the Historic Grandstand with limited access to the Concession Stand for all our Regular and East Tennessee Championship Series races. Please, no visiting the Pits or you'll be escorted from the track by Security !


Come see why Ashway Speedway has had the Biggest Points Series in East Tennessee since 2011, we have better competition, a lower entry fee and many more prizes at our Points Banquets for both the kids and adult classes !