Ashway Speedway Protest Rules


1.    The tech director and track officials reserve the right to tech any competitor at any time.

2.    Tech official’s decisions are final!

3.    Protest fee is $125 ($50 will go to the tech fee).

4.    You must finish on the lead lap in order to protest and once entered into the impound you have 5 minutes to protest. 

5.    You may only protest up if it advances you in a winning position.

6.    Only the tech official, one representative from the protest and one person from protested party allowed in the tech room, tech official reserves the right to ask any member to leave the tech room, if failure to leave or argue will result in the protest being deemed complete at that point, protest monies will not be refunded.

7.    Protests during the ETCS will only allow tech officials and one member tearing the engine down and the protest fee will go into the annual points fund.

8.    Only drivers are allowed in impound areas at any time, tech will call for competitors' crew to set karts on the stand and then one of the members must leave the impound area, failure to comply with this rule will result in immediate DQ.

9.    Fighting at Ashway Speedway properties will not be tolerated and may result in prosecution, any competitor or crew member fighting will result in 2 week suspension first offense, 1 year suspension for 2nd offense, Ashway Speedway reserves the right to suspend any competitor, crew or fan at any time for indefinite length of time.

10. Any competitor or crew member fighting during the ETCS races will result in DQ and the DRIVER will receive 0 points and will not be able to drop that race.